The Mungo Show Primordial Sketchbook: Art Cave
January 1st, 2020
Design Cinema – EP 1 - Line to Color Part 01
December 7th, 2019
How Can Drawing Better Start With an Egg?
There are lot great videos that discuss the importance of how to hold your pencil when learning to draw. Working with charcoal allows greater control of light and dark values with a slight tilt of the wrist. Learning to see values is the fi
November 27th, 2019
How to Sharpen a Pencil For Drawing (Charcoal)
November 27th, 2019
Test Your Javascript and jQuery Projects on jsFiddle
Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor. Ready to fiddle around with HTML? JSFiddle is an online community for testing and showcasing user-created and collaborational HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets. It even has a massive list of frameworks you can use instead of pure JS.

Wikipedia says: JSFiddle was ranked the second most popular online IDE by the Popularity of Programming Language(PYPL) index based on the number of times it was searched, directly behind Cloud9 IDE. In fact, according to Google Trends data, users in all states where data was available for both IDEs searched for Cloud9 on Google more often than they searched for JSFiddle.

Here are a couple examples we made:
The RGB Color Toy: Interactive color slider made with HTML5.

Seth's Memory Tester: Create a list, hide it and try to remember it.

It is nice to have all three windows for html, css and javascript open and ready to go at anytime.
November 27th, 2019