Design Cinema – EP 1 - Line to Color Part 01
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Gregor Docherty
A native to the shores of California with an artistic eye for beauty. Gregor is an expressive painter and mixed-media graphic artist. His craftsman like control of his materials can be seen in the sign art and portraits he makes.

Some of
November 29th, 2019
New Illustration Being Converted to Vector Art
July 13th, 2019
The Studio
Joseph Siedman
Growing up in Bolinas (CA), West Marin, I was always surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the ocean, and artists. While I was encouraged as an artist in elementary and middle school, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to take i
November 29th, 2019
Poster Art Brings Good Design to the Masses
Poster art has a special place for art historians and collectors. From ancient beginnings, pop artists helped make screen printed graphics a fine art. How to price such ubiquitous imagery and materials suited only for mass-production? Stree
Learn to Develop Video Games with Unity Software
Our next workshop will be a crash-course in Unity 3D for designers. If you are somebody that has always wanted to be part of designing a game this is a good place to start. We have a series of projects that include all the assets you need t
Working with Digital Art Techniques
1. One way to get started is with a drawing tablet hooked up to a computer and monitor. You will have a surface to draw on with a wireless pen called a stylus. It allows you to have natural variation needed to achieve what you can not with
Colorful chameleon on black.