Learn to Develop Video Games with Unity Software
Our next workshop will be a crash-course in Unity 3D for designers. If you are somebody that has always wanted to be part of designing a game this is a good place to start. We have a series of projects that include all the assets you need to follow along. 2D/3D artists will have a chance to integrate original art.

The best way to learn is to jump right in and make it work. Be sure you can install the software on a computer that meets the system requirements: https://unity3d.com/unity/system-requirements

The goal of this course is to give artists, writers and game industry outsiders a tool-kit for making playable games.

Unity 3D | http://unity.com
The Mission of the Defiant Collective is to Support Artists
The mission of the Defiant Collective is to support artists.

Established in 2018, our continued mission is to help students and creative professionals find the tools needed to succeed. The Defiant Collective is an outlet for designers, musicians, writers and big dreamers everywhere who are ready to innovate. Our flagship studio is surrounded by the spectacular backdrop of the Pacific Northwest in Eureka, California.

Our website offers tips for traditional and digital artists. We invite artists to share their creative process. Our workshops are for people at all levels who want to gain skills and learn how to use the best free software.

Together, we are working to find better ways to start an art business.
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