Poster Art Brings Good Design to the Masses
Poster art has a special place for art historians and collectors. From ancient beginnings, pop artists helped make screen printed graphics a fine art. How to price such ubiquitous imagery and materials suited only for mass-production? Street artists today make it clear that the control of the iconography around us goes both ways. There is even room for comics and graphic illustration on the auction block.

When it comes to vintage posters, the value is often in the nostalgic importance of the live music it was advertising. A great concert can live on forever. Silk-screens, lithography and woodblock printing makes each one a unique handmade craft.

A mass-produced canvas print or digital print can be equally special. Buying prints directly from an artist can be a more affordable way to get a piece compared to original art. Making art more accessible means more people will have it in their lives. Some of the most memorable parts of our life come and go. Just like a poster.