October is the Month of Drawing Prompts
There are so many drawing prompts for the month of October. Thanks in part to the #inktober trend (now more of a brand), art prompts have spilled over into different art communities. If you want to follow along for 31 days of drawing, try one of the prompts posted below in the comments.

The spirit of the October challenges is simple. Draw something every day of the month and share it with the world.
The 5th annual #Drawtober came up with a halloween themed calendar
Here is great example of a prompt with themes that carry over many days. Plenty of room to interpret it a million ways.
October 2nd, 2020
There are lots #witchtober prompts to choose
This seems to be the prompt with the most artists posting on Day 1. Some of them seem geared towards original characters and folks in the anime community. Part of the fun of prompts is seeing how different the art can be but all artists like been given a challenge. An answer to the question, "What should I draw?"
October 2nd, 2020
Beast Soul's #Monstober/#Monstober2020 prompt
October 2nd, 2020